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If you need to reach me send an e-mail to reno-at-northwestern-dot-edu. Or you can call at 847-461-5794 or open a window and holler real loud.


Tranquil Eagle River, Alaska

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Courses for Fall 2016


Understanding Contemporary Warfare (first year seminar, Political Science 101)


Politics of Conflict (graduate seminar, Political Science 490)



Courses in 2015-16


Introduction to Comparative Politics (undergraduate lecture, Political Science 250) Notes


Politics of Conflict in Africa (first year seminar, Political Science 101)



Courses from Prior Years


African Politics (graduate seminar, Political Science 453)


Politics of Internal Wars (upper-level undergraduate, Political Science 376)

Civil Wars and the State (first year seminar, Political Science 101)

African Politics (upper-level undergrad, Political Science 359)

Politics of Intervention (Winter quarter Freshman Seminar, Political Science 101)

Conflict in Africa (Senior Seminar, Political Science 395)

War & Political Development (graduate seminar, Political Science 490)

Politics of Forcible Intervention (Freshman Seminar, Political Science 101)

Internal Wars and the State (Upper level undergraduate, Political Science 376)

The Politics of Civil Wars (upper-level undergraduate, Political Science 390)

The Politics of War in Iraq and Afghanistan (freshmen seminar, Political Science 101)

Intervention, International Law, and Human Rights

Introduction to the World System, II (Winter ’06)


Work Has Its Limits

Summer Vacation

Spring Break

Leisure Studies


Graduate Students

Students Who Work with Me

Actual Graduates




Current Projects Include:

African military cultures and doctrines of counterinsurgency

Armed group organizational behavior


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